Naturalizations, Morgan County IL

Morgan County IL

  • Some Naturalization Records found at the Morgan County courthouse (no dates).

  • Tips for doing naturalization research

    Need to see site - National Archives and Records Administration Information on Naturalization

    Where to view Ships Passenger Lists on microfilm
    Trying to inquire in the old country??
    IMMI-GRAND-L - A mailing list to attempt to help those who are looking for ancestors arriving after 1875
    National Archives Records Administration in Kansas City MO - (some immigrants in Macoupin naturalized in St Louis early on)

    Other Sites on the World Wide Web:
    National Archives and Records Administration Information on Immigration
    Ships, Passenger Lists & Immigration at Cyndi Howell's Site
    Mayflower Passenger List
    Ellis Island site search lists of immigrants 1892-1924

    Tips for Naturalization Research

    When you're checking for naturalization records, make sure that you check with the courts in all locations where your ancestor lived during his or her lifetime.
  • Early on, say before 1880, to be naturalized, the person went to a Federal Court. Sometime after 1900, a person no longer had to go to a Federal Courthouse to be naturalized; the local county courthouse was the place to go.
    Many times MINOR children were naturalized with their parents and there are no separate records for them. And, in the earliest years, women did not have naturalization records.
    Elsie Wasser said, "Anyone who entered the U.S. under the age of 21 years was eligible to receive his Naturalization on the same day he applied for citizenship."

    The naturalization process took several years, because: