Naturalizations, Morgan County Illinois

Some Naturalization Papers On File
In The Morgan County Illinois Courthouse

A few years ago, Florence Hutchison discovered these papers in a storage area of the Courthouse. She states that this isn't the complete file as many were destroyed back in the 1960's due to lack of space (with permission from the State). For those listed below, there is at least one paper on file with the Circuit Clerk's Office....either the Delcaration of Intention or the Final Oath. Be advised that there are no petitions for naturalizations which contain family history. You will receive a copy of a document showing renunciation of whatever country's ruler and his original signature. Sometimes the person has filed the Declaration of Intention in another county and has filed the Final Oath in Morgan.

Circuit Clerk
Morgan County Courthouse
300 W State Street
Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

As with any transcribed records, every effort has been made to transcribe these correctly, but there could be errors. They were very difficult to read, so I would suggest you look at all variants of a surname. To verify the correctness, refer to the original document.
There are 426 names listed below.

Abbott, Henry
Abbott, John
Adams, James
Aeckerle, William
Alcorn, David
Allen, Patrick
Allen, Thomas
Anstatt, John
Archer, Henry
Arenz, John Arnold
Ayres, Mackey
Baker, George
Baker, Henry
Ballaher, Terry
Barrett, Thomas
Battle, John
Batty, Thomas
Bennett, George
Bergschneider, Anton
Betzer, Peter
Birkley, John
Blake, Samuel
Blaller, John
Blenler, Charles
Bohne, William
Boston, John
Bowers, Joseph
Bowers, Joseph
Bowls, Charles
Bowls, Charles
Breidenstine, William A
Brickley, William
Bridger, John
Brown, Henry
Brown, William
Buchan, Eugene
Burge, John
Burgess, William
Burk, William
Burns, Patrick
Burstein, Julius
Butler, Richard
Byron, John
Callan, Patrick
Campbell, Alexander
Car, John
Carrigan, Michael
Casey, William
Christie, William
Cire, John L
Clansey, Jeremiah
Clark, Richard
Clark, Thomas
Claus, David
Claybrough, William
Cleary, Jeremiah
Coates, Job
Cocking, Henry
Cody, James
Conlan, Paul
Connor, John
Conroy, Patrick
Copnoll, Thomas
Corbit, James
Cosgriff, John
Coulson, Thomas
Coultas, James
Coultas, William
Cox, John
Craven, John
Craven, William H
Crotty, William
Crowe, Michael
Crozier, Alfred
Cumming, Thompson
Cunningham, Thomas
Cuttill, William K
Damary, George
Danby, William James
Davidson, Ephraim
Davidson, George
DeCilva, Francisco
DeCrastus, Joaquin
DeFraetas, Henrique
DeFraites, Antonio
DeFreitas, Francisco
DeFrestos, Manor (?) Josi
Delaney, James
DeMendos, Manuel
Derdeyn, Hector
Dillen, Patrick
Diokel, Friedrich
Dodsworth, Richard
Dolan, Patrick
Donahue, John
Donahue, William
Donhan, James
Dorr, George G
Douglass, Samuel
Doyle, John
Driav, Henry
Dunlop, William H
Dunn, James
Dunphy, Michael
Eagen, Rodger
Ellicock, William
Emmerson, Thomas
Engelbach, George
Fahy, John
Faokt, John Adam
Farras, Edward
Farrer, Joseph
Fatter, Jacob
Feely, Patrick
Fellows, Richard
Fervisa, Leandro
Fields, William H O
Fink, Peter J
Fisher, Robert
Fitzgibbons, William
Flannigan, John
Fleischer, Jacob
Flinn, Michael
Flynn, Patrick
Forbes, Daniel
Forrest, Joseph
Fox, Thomas
Fraenkel, Leopold
Franco, Antonio
Frohmitter, Charles
Gallaher, John
Garbuth, Henry
Gartland, John
Gibbs, Robert
Gieselmann, Frederick
Gill, David
Gilman, Lemuel D.
Goffinch, Mathias F.
Goodall, Richard
Gorman, Edward
Gorman, William
Gotlob, John
Gotlob, Joseph
Graesle / Grassly, Johann August
Grange, Charles Frederick
Grassly, Adam Frederick
Green, William
Griffin, Michael
Guinnane, James
Gunnon, Timothy
Haag, John
Hafarnin, Perry
Hall, John
Hardy, Samuel
Harkness, James
Harmon, Arthur
Harmon, Patrick
Hart, James
Hart, Matthew
Hart, Thomas
Hayden, Charles Jr
Hays, Michael
Heinsfurther, Moses
Heiser, Seibert
Hembrough, John
Hemminghouse, John H. (Heinrich)
Hennessey, Thomas
Herlehy, David
Hillerby, George
Hills, George James
Hines, Dennis
Hoberbuck, John
Hocking, Richard
Hodgson, Matthew
Hodgson, William
Hoelzle, John
Holme, James
Holmen, Henry
Hopper, Thomas
Humble, Thomas
Hunt, John
Hurley, Michael
Jackson, William H
Jossi, Louis
Kahl, Andrew
Kain, Roger
Kalajerak, Antoine
Kee, Thomas
Keefe, Jeremiah
Keith, Herman
Kelly, Francis
Kennady, Michael
Kennedy, Edward
Kennedy, Patrick
Killam, John
Killam, Samuel
King, William
Kircher, Joseph
Knoppal, John
Koenig, Angelos
Kohe, Andrew
Kopp, Willliam
Kuehne, John
Lahay, Thomas
Lambert, Edward
Lambert, Richard
Lambert, William
Lamkuler, Henry
Lange, Frederick
Lawson, Thomas
Lax, Edward C
Laycock, Thomas
Leak, John
Leak, William
Lemmon, Patrick
Lennon, Patrick
Leurig, Charles
Lightheart, Thomas
Linn, James
Long, George
Loughlin, Patrick
Luby, John
Lucas, Carlos J
Luckman, Henry
Luken, Henry
Lynch, Edward
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Richard
Lynch, Timothy
Lyons, Charles C
Lyons, Myls (?)
Maahan, John
Mahan, John
Maher, Denis
Maher, Michael
Mallen, George
Marrion, John
Martin, Jackson
Martin, John
Mason, Edward
May, Robert
McBride, Michael
McBride, Thomas
McCann, Michael
McCappin, James
McCarty, Jeremiah
McCluskey, Patrick
McDonal, William
McDonough, Patrick
McGanghram, Michael
McMahon, Timothy
McMurry, Michael
Meager, Dennis
Meany, James
Meggison, Ralph
Meier, August
Meyer, Edward
Middleton, Hodgson
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Gustus Adolf
Miller, Julius
Miller, Louis
Milligan, John
Minter, Matthew
Mlodzianowski, Edward
Monaghen, Peter
Moody, Matthw
Morthole, Barney
Mudd , Thomas
Murphy, Anthony
Murphy, Arthur
Murphy, James
Murphy, Jeremiah
Murphy, Timothy
Murray, Patrick
Murry, James
Nagel, George
Needham, John
Neehons, August
Nelson, George
Nelson, Andrew
Nolan, James
Noll, Adam
Noll, Adam
Noonan, Richard
Noonan, Thomas
Nunes, Antonio
O'Brian, David
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Michael
O'Connor, Murty
O'Laughlin, Michael
Olk, Mathias
Olk, Nicholas
O'Malg, Peter
O'Meiler, James
O'Rourke, Joseph R
Oxeley, James
Panawskie, John
Paranskie, John
Peacock, Duncan
Phelan, William
Pickup, John
Plattes, John
Pleans, John
Power, Martin
Power, Michael
Price, Francis M W
Purcell, Nicholas
Quelch, George
Quillman, Patrick
Quinlan, William
Ranson, John B
Ranson, Robert
Ratajerak, Antoine
Rawlings, Edward
Rearden, Owen
Redmond, Denis
Reid, Robert
Reiley, James
Rennen, William A
Reser, Louis
Richards, William
Richardson, Christopher
Richardson, John
Richardson, Jonathan
Richardson, William
Rieman, William A
Rine, Michael
Ring, James
Ritter, Stephen
Roach, Thomas
Robertson, Samuel
Robinson, Thomas
Rodgers, John
Rodrigues, Joseph
Roehrer, Sebastian
Roelss, George
Rogers, Patrick
Romeo, Joseph Vicente
Rout, Thomas C
Ruenhull, August
Ryan, John
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, Thomas M
Ryan, William
Saunderson, Henry
Scanlan, John
Schafer, Henry
Schehrer, Adam
Schmitt, Joseph
Schneider, Balthasar Wm
Schuler, John
Seddon(?), Alfred
Shafers, Bernard
Shanahan, John
Shanahan, Patrick
Sheridan, Patrick
Sherwood, George Bruss?
Sherwood, William
Smith, Christophal
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Eli Thomas
Smith, Eli Thomas
Smith, John
Smith, Robert C
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Stephen
Smith, George
Sparling, George
Staples, William
Stark, James
Steinberg, John
Stephenson, Thomas
Stick, Joseph
Stinemier, Bernard
Story, John
Sturdy, George S
Sullivan, Thomas
Sullivan, Timothy
Swales, Thomas
Teahan, Michael
Telles, Joseph M
Telling, Edward T
Tendick, Godfrey
Thomas, Henry
Thompson, Robert
Tieman, Jacob
Tincher, John L
Tobin, John
Tobin, Michael
Tolen, Frederick
Tolin, Phillip
Towers, Robert
Townley, Samuel
Tracy, Bryan
Trahu, John
Tranior, John
Tumman, Joseph
Vasey, William
Vearia, Gregora
Vearia, Manuel
Von Anx, Leonz
Von Horn, John
Waddell, John
Wallbaum, Frederick
Walton, Reuben
Warcup, Joseph
Watkins, Ashton
Wegehoft, Heinrich
Welch, Lawrence
Welch, Matthew
Wels (?), Michael
Whalen, James
White, James
White, John
Widdup, Thomas
Wihrer, Frederick
Wilson, Edward
Wilson, John
Wilson, William
Winter, David
Winterbottom, Jesse
Woods, James
Wynne, James

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