Morgan County Photos

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Family Pictures
Amos, James and family Contributed by Shirley Williams

Bland, Robert Emmett and Emma Bates Walton Contributed by Robert Bland

Blimling, Casper and Anna (Yeck) Contributed by Janice Blimling Petersen

Blimling Family Photos Janice Blimling Petersen Family Page.

Cox, Leartis W. & Elizabeth Photo & Biography. Ancestors of Jerry McClure

Curtiss Family Photos Contributed by Paula Nelson

Dohrs, Christopher and Minnie Fischer

Ethel, Viola Frances She is my (Daniel Beach) paternal grandmother. Contributed by Daniel Beach

Floyd, Charles Thomas and wife Ancestor of Kimberly Hicks

The Gibson Girls Five Generations, Contributed by Marilyn Galvan

Henderson, Charles Stephen & Family Submitted by Joe Henderson

Luttrell/Woods Families - 1915 Contributed by Greg Nergenah

Luttrell Boys at Waverly Stables Contributed by Greg Nergenah

McCarty, Anthony James and Mary Adelaide Swales Contributed by Robert Bland

McCarty, Myrtle (Schell) Contributed by Robert Bland

McCarty, More family pictures Contributed by Robert Bland

McLerren, Mary Jane Contributed by Kevin Scoggins

Mader, Anna Schlatter, daughter Rosina Mader Lindeman and Rosina's two daughters.

Mader, George Family of Waverly IL Submitted by George Edward Mader

Myers, James Jasper and family Contributed by of Barb Brown

Pittman, William Ancestor of Arleta Howe

Ratekin, William and Mary Vaughn - can you claim these photos?

Reid, Stephen H. & Mary Prather Reid gggrandparents of Mary Ann Kaylor

Rogers, William Coleman, Caltha Deatherage Rogers, Emma Deatherage and Mary Deatherage Hart Contributed by Mike Terry

Ross, John E. Photo & Biography - Ancestor of Jerry Kattke

Swales, David Elmer and Mary Jane (Newland) Swales Contributed by Robert Bland